Social Distancing

With the increased demand for social distancing in the workplace, Walters & Wolf Interiors can assist with custom solutions without major renovations to your existing space. Whether you are an end user, general contractor, or architect, we can help you find the right products based on what your specific needs are.

Some of the social distancing solutions we offer include hands-free actuators for auto operators, aftermarket partitions for separating shared workspaces and lobbies, and germ limiting finish hardware options.

Hands Free Hardware / Wave Actuators

Wave actuators provide an aesthetically pleasing, touchless activation device for new or existing auto operators. These actuators are designed specifically to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in a wide variety of settings.

Social Distancing Partitions

Partitions are an easy way to quickly retrofit existing spaces to adhere to stricter social distancing guidelines. In addition to glass partitions, we have partnered with a local high-end fabricator to also provide solutions in acrylic to accommodate existing modular partitions in open office environments.

Hardware Options (Antimicrobial vs Nano septic Film)

Whether replacing hardware with antimicrobial finishes or applying self-cleaning film on existing surfaces, Walters & Wolf Interiors can help control the spread of germs in your space.

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