Single Sidelite

First introduced in 2007, this is our base slider model. It throats a 4-7/8" wall and can use wall starts to install on applications with larger wall sizes. In order to comply with ADA requirements, there is a minimum overall width of 73-1/4". The door requires 5 lbs operable force to set the door in motion and 3 lbs to open. Soft close, soft open, and STC options are all available. The frame is offered in clear anodized, black anodized, and custom painted finishes.

Double Sidelite

Our double sidelite frame uses the same construction as the single sidelite configuration. The double sidelite can be used as a single unit or lined up to create a bank of openings.


Transom units allow for additional glazing above the sliding door assembly. This configuration differs from the standard units in that it throats over the wall at the header.


The Barn-A-Glide uses the same components as our standard frames. This configuration allows our VersaGlide system to fit narrower openings than our standard Sidelite frames, giving a solution to working around structural components or limits in available space. A perimeter frame at the cased opening is included, with soft close, soft open, and STC options available.

Operable Walls

We also offer operable walls in many existing configurations, as well as designed-to-suit. Originally designed as a value engineered option against more expensive movable wall partitions, our operable walls can be integrated with a swing door to create a secondary means of egress or reinforced with steel channel to allow for box beam headers. Soft close, soft open, and STC options are available.

Glazing Corners

We offer several options for glazing corner configurations, including 90 degree mitered corners, break shape constructed corners, and fully extruded posts.

U-Channel Sidelite

If a full glass appearance is desired, we offer a u-channel sidelite unit in place of our standard sidelite configuration. This unit uses the same header as our standard unit with a u-channel sill, as well as the option to use the standard wall jamb or butt directly to the wall at the opening.

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