About Us

Walters & Wolf Interiors is part of the Walters & Wolf family of companies that are all highly respected in the construction industry. We got our start when Randy Wolf and Jim Gross met while Jim’s construction company was building Randy’s custom home in the Santa Cruz mountains. They formed the company together in 1979 just two years after Randy’s glass company was formed. Our then-small subcontracting firm furnished and installed demountable walls, computer floors, and T-bar ceilings. After four to five years, the market demand changed and so did we, as we focused on the growing opportunities for becoming a full-service door distributor. In 1989, Randy Wolf partnered up with his brother Mike Wolf to take the company to a whole new level in opening lines, developing numerous in-house services, and employing an opportunistic marketing strategy. Over the years, we’ve experienced tremendous growth – expanding from a crew of 10 to well over 150 expert carpenters.

In 2012 we unveiled our next evolution, when we finished development on VersaGlide, our proprietary custom sliding door solution. Versaglide is the only product of its kind that is designed, manufactured, fabricated, installed, and serviced in-house. Strong local demand along with hard work and our dedication to excellence we have not only defined ourselves as innovators, but also as industry leaders in the sliding door market.

Walters and Wolf looks to the future with a dedication to providing our employees, vendors, and customers with solutions and innovation that is un-paralleled. 

  • Installations


    One million door openings installed

  • Completed Projects


    Thirty thousand projects completed

  • Expertise


    2,000 years of combined industry experience in the company

  • Scale


    Walters & Wolf Interiors employs 100+ union field carpenters

Why Choose Walters & Wolf Interiors

There is no action without purpose, and ours is clear: place quality first. Whether it is hammering out a complex architectural detail or forging a long-lasting relationship with a new client – we strive to always perform at the highest level. For nearly 40 years, we have built a culture focused on constantly improving our services and products.

Our mission remains…

  • Set new standards for others to follow

  • Continually build a company that employees and their families are proud to be part of

  • Be a company of its word

  • Enhance our reputation through continuous improvement

  • Conduct business fairly and equitably

  • Maintain our passion to be the best

  • Just wanted to reach out to you to thank you and your team for a great project. Everything from the preliminary site visit to the follow up job inspection kept our project right on schedule…I look forward to seeing you guys on the next one

    Daniel Leon, Project Manager  |  Novo Construction
  • “Walters & Wolf Interiors is a great resource in Silicon Valley for doors, frames, and hardware. We find that they are a reliable resource for delivery of material and knowledge of products available for a successful installation. We appreciate all the years of experience they add to the projects and know that their resource is part of our joint success.”

    Paulette Roseberry, Senior Project Manager  |  Devcon Construction, Inc.
  • "Hills Plaza has used Walters & Wolf as our exclusive door vendor since June of 2015. As Chief Engineer of a 1,000,020 square foot multi-use facility in San Francisco, I am responsible for 265 swinging fire doors... When searching for a vendor to assist with installation, maintenance, inspection, corrective repairs, and annual certification of these critical life safety doors, Walters & Wolf’s complete comprehension of the standard and meticulous execution made them the obvious choice."

    Jeffery Tiedje, Chief Engineer  |  Hills Plaza Engineering

Market Expertise

Walters & Wolf Interiors has dedicated itself to pursuing expertise in core markets that bring value to our clients and strategic partners and that satisfy their needs.

  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Lean Manufacturing

    Over the last few years, our Lean journey has lead us to pursue continuous improvement, incrementally improving our everyday processes.

  • Safety

    We know that to be the best, there are no shortcuts. It’s no different when it comes to safety. We hold our employees and our clients in the highest regard, and it’s a top priority to operate safely.

  • Green

    We’re invested in our children’s future, so sustainable environmental practices are important to us. We are LEED COC certified and implement a multitude of sustainable materials and methods on each project.